Thursday, April 3, 2008

(Techcrunch) Beefcake on craigslistblog: "a list of press releases"

STILL MORE: Jim is backpaddling... badly... at least part of his story (having been friendly at all: 9th, 10th and 11th paragraphs) appears to be made up... Tim was also disputing Jim's claim that he took his ads off before media attention and that he intended to use deceptive ads from craigslist's competitors -- appearently, Google's Adsense decides what ads will appear on the blog with the blogger having no choice in the matter once she/he agrees to use ads (entry appears to be removed as of the morning of April 6th -- is Tim updating it?). D.

EVEN MORE: mostly very good commentary on this in the Sacramento Bee

MORE: funny thing: craigslist had to use the dot com domain name (as it would have had to do anyways if the dot org domain would be regulated, as it should be) because a guy Tim White already started a --> Valleywag has a good entry and comments on this

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very good observation! (again, could Michael Arrington just not get this? I find it very hard to believe given the sort of things he has been doing...) D.

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