Wednesday, April 2, 2008

comic relief: Craig:" remember to provide good customer service..." *lol*

STILL MORE: As far as I can tell, those are not "glitches," they are serious ethical issues: craigslist is a huge financial success *because* of those issues.


P.S. That's why it's not a true success story as far as I'm concerned -- that's why I wished you luck with your other stories... Take care! D.

EVEN MORE: (Anonymous' comment to this entry sheds more light on craigslist's customer service issues) D.


Those are not complaints, Daylle... they are just *basic facts* that shed a lot of light on just what kind of a "success story" craigslist really is...


P.S. Good luck with your other stories! D.
Hi Daylle!

re: Craig: "remember to provide good customer service" --> don't you find this hilarious coming from Craig? *I* certainly do...

Just think about it... how many employees does craigslist have? for how many users? how much money is it "saving" each year by refusing to hire an adequate number of people? where does all that money go and at what cost to the community that built craigslist and continues to make it work?

These are the sort of issues I would have loved to read about. Maybe in your next post about craigslist?:)


P.S. take care D.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, Craigslist has my account with a hold on it and wont let me post. I dont understand why, can you please help me. I have been having problems with craigslist for a few months now and 70% of the time when I try to post, nothing even comes up. I have reported this issue many times but problem still has not been fixed. This leads me to having to try posting the same thing over and over again as most of my attempts don't come up on craigslist even after the site has told me that the posting has been accepted. Can someone please help me. Can my account please have the hold taken off. I have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to have a hold on my account

D. said...

Hi, Anonymous!

I have absolutely no affiliation with craigslist (you might say on the contrary:) but if you'd like my opinion of the situation here it is: as in Daylle's case, you may be lucky and have your problem taken care of by Craig if you email him.


P.S. Most people in your situation *don't* and if they did... Craig could only help a tinny percentage of them -- craigslist just needs to hire an adequate number of people so that the community can receive even *basic* customer service (your case is a pretty good example).

P.P.S. good luck and take care! D.