Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(ebay and craigslist) did ebay have an understanding with craigslist that it had to break in order to sue?

(to present the number of shares they acquired so that it could neatly fit craigslist's story):

is this the "hostility" Jim talks about?

ebay's press release on the deal back in 2004 said they acquired approximately 25% (which was unnecessarily imprecise, appearing to have served no other purpose than to support craigslist's story...)


P.S. ebay is currently saying the actual figure was really 28.4%...(closer to 30% than 25%) which implicitly brings Craig's story into question --> again, shortly after the deal Craig said ebay had ONLY 25% (and craigslist had said this was the percentage the former shareholder sold to ebay)

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