Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Craig's story blows up... to smithereens!

EVEN MORE: Matthew,I'm just curious... how do you suppose ebay got more than 25% of craigslist? that wasn't Craig's / craigslist's story was it? Delia

why on earth aren't people pointing this out? I mean, The New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press... they must have noticed the difference, no? D.

little detail: ebay hasn't *always* claimed they got 28.4 % (which is closer to 30% than 25%) , they initially claimed it was "approximately 25%" (ebay press release at the time), which fit Craig's/craigslist's story. I find it intriguing that according to the complaint, Craig&Jim diluted ebay to 25.01% (which definitely qualifies as "approximately 25%" as ebay initially said...) D.
just to clarify: according to ebay's complaint, craigslist did subsequent dilutions of ebay's share of craigslist: the dilution to 25.01% came about in 2005 when employees were given stock options(top of 2nd page with a footnoted eplanation); further dilution to under 25% happened more recently and prompted ebay's law suit.

MORE: Thanks for commenting, Anonymous! I didn't publish it because I really think we need to wait and see... watch the fight :)... hear everybody out... who knows, a miracle might happen *lol* (as I was saying, it should be pretty entertaining...) D.

(almost) all details -- parts are redacted -- in full glory...


P.S. it should be very entertaining to see the fallout of all this ...:) D.

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