Thursday, April 24, 2008

(ebay and craigslist) ebay's side of the story

why isn't the press getting ebay's side of the story?... most articles let Jim have the last word...

found one exception

Reuters: (10th paragraph) An eBay spokeswoman said the disputed board actions concerned "corporate governance issues" and did not involve Kijiji. (this appears to be countering some of Jim's wild speculation)


P.S. Gina's article is not bad overall but she appears to be under Craig/craigslist's spell (like a whole lot of other female reporters... and not only female): (4th paragraph) "Craig Newmark, who runs the company in a famously open-minded style"--> this is a subjective, personal, take on things... (not an objective observation) so it really has no purpose in a report like this... (except to embarrass the writer... and the wire service...) D.

(Mozilla helper: (ebay and craigslist) ebay's side of the story)

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