Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Katherine Ann Olson: 1st craigsist murder... or *was* it?

MORE: CNN eat it up also... (just took it from KARE and associated their name with it): "The Craigslist founder says this has *never* happened before."(1:58) ... really? he says so? well, that's ALL we need to know! -- he is reporting this story, isn't he...? D.
Craig, via KARE 11 News:"I can't recall a single case like it" (...) "This is the worst that I can recall" (5th paragraph, The Register, Woman murdered after answering craigslist ad -- flaky link)


P.S. and the reporters fell for it again... (just took Craig's word for it and failed to check -- Craig's own press... isn't it journalistic malpractice not to at least mention the case of the still missing Donna Jou?)

P.P.S. notice the effectiveness of his vagueness and ambiguity, again... (it seems to lead even seasoned professionals -- hordes of them -- to believe what he appears to want them to believe, when that is not at all the case...) D.

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