Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hmmm... looks like Craig's liveblogging got dumped...

EVEN MORE: well, *as of Halloween*...they got it back -- I don't know if they did it on purpose... it is sort of scary... kidding, kidding:) ... D.

MORE: well... it just got dumped from the main Colb-blog... (it's still there if you search for it... not that you'd have good reason to do that... and how many people would think of searching for it anyways... they should have had a plain entry for that instalment of the show so people could post pertinent comments -- Craig's liveblogging was peripheral to the show at best... good thinking to take it off the main blog, at least...) D.

from the Colbert Nation site -- which is UNofficially related to the Colbert Report show -- (there were a couple of his entries there, starting on October 18th -- looks like they didn't keep any of it... :) interesting -- I for one would have posted a comment to that show instalment on the Colb-Blog but NOT to Craig's entry -- after asking disingenuous questions and then claiming *I* was the one "stalking" he deserves nothing of the kind...)


P.S. does that mean you got my message, Stephen? ;)...

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