Saturday, June 23, 2007

"where does the money go?"

MORE: wrong answer...

introducing a real estate fee for NY, for instance, was said to increase craigslist's revenues by 10% -- Jim hasn't denied it, there is an article somewhere --; there appears to be no relationship between craigslist's increases of revenues as a result of imposing a fee in new cities and the costs of running the site... (the only apparent relationship with anything is the "maturing" of the local markets in case -- reaching the "critical mass") ; as to introducing fees for categories that were previously free, such in the case of real estate, I think we will see more and more of that as time passes... until everything will be monetized... ; I would also expect price increases... D.

best question! (that has been asked every time new cities were going to have to pay...)


P.S. this shouldn't be a question... the money should go towards *paying the bills* (customer service and improvements) -- this is what Craig said when he started charging -- but it certainly appears go straight into Craig&Co's pockets....

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