Monday, June 11, 2007

craigslist appears to make things up...

re: what the community wants/needs to suit their own interests...

e.g. Jim:"We have a sense that small employers don't find a fee burdensome" -- 8th paragraph under the sekers speak up" heading (Jim is usually no this sloppy -- notice he is talking absolutes here, referring to all small employers ... how on earth could that be true?)

He is also vague and ambiguous (looks like Craig's school): at least some of the small employers are very likely to find the $25 $ fee "proposed" burdensome -- just read their posts in the special forum -- (but Jim is talking about "a fee," not the specific fee in case).


P.S. the MSM seems to be eating it up again (re" craigslist proposes [my emphasis] charging the $25 fee to employers looking for workers in Sacramento, Orange County, Chicago and Portland, Ore." ; 4th paragraph... like there is any real chance they are not going to charge... -- looking at what happened in prior circumstances and at least mentioning it seems to have been too much work for them...) D.

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