Friday, June 8, 2007

(inadequate improvements) why doesn't craigslist use some of those tens of mills in profits...

UPDATE: well, he sort of answered on craigslist (not on his blog) -- same ol', same ol'... way too vague and PRish to know what the heck is he really saying, if anything -- WILL craigslist do anything about it? Not to talk of Jim (the guy seems to be pulling percentages out of his hat any time something like this comes up... and it's all so ridiculous... and pointless)

But anyways, great show of what the community really thinks! ooh... and a good part of the thread (including all of Craig's comments) was moved to the "Isles of Misfits" (only craigslist officials can do this) -- why??? could it be that it's harder to find it there? (some articles refer to Craig's comments but you have to be familiar with Craigslist to know how to find them, and the context, after removal to the Island) D.


T. Cain to Craig: "Hey, remember--It's about us (the customer)!" -- precious! :).... and nope, no response from Craig... D.

..... do some improvements? and why on earth it's stopping others from doing them? D.

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