Friday, December 29, 2006

Larry&Sergei versus Craig

a comment to a Google related entry on Dan Gillmor's blog:

re: “For now, Google is taking no commission for brokering ad sales, though it intends to do so later. Such finer points of how a business relationship might work between newspapers and Google have yet to be worked out.”


This is what I was talking about… Larry and Sergei are upfront about it (this is a business move and the players’ expectation is that Google will look after its financial interest, not necessarily nickel and dime everything but even if they don’t start by charging there is no suggestion that Google is not in it for the money).

Now, it *seems* to me that if this would have been one of Craig’s enterprises it would have STARTED something like this:

“We just want to help folks out, ok? How much money does a guy need, anyways?” (“just trust our fabulous moral compass and … no! I’m not gonna tell you how much I will *profit* from this down the road — that just confuses me silly!” – well… It should! It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me, either…)


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