Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jim Buckmaster blasts poor Brad Stone of NYT

MORE: KATHARINE MIESZKOWSKI Nonprofit to Craigslist: Keep Your Money ( yep! that's what I thought... ( 10:12 PM May 2nd via web


NYT's Brad Stone dares look at it from both sides *for once*&Jim Buckmaster blasts him for it -prior suck-ups forgotten 17 minutes ago via web

ok, Jim! so the prostitution $ doesn't go in the Craigslist Charitable Fund or *does* it? -grantees would need to know 12 minutes ago via web

..does Jim Buckmaster think people are going to believe that craigslist is making that kind of $ from barely legal massage ads and the like? 10 minutes ago via web

or that the fact that others are doing it also is a legitimate excuse? he would do well to remember the CL feedback speeding ticket analogy 3 minutes ago via web

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