Sunday, April 11, 2010

(aside) (iPhone; iPad etc.) Dan Gillmor praises Jonathan Zittrain

FINAL: #comment 1851

as usual, Seth's voice would have balanced this entry but you appear to have driven him away... Jon left much earlier and I will be on my way also... bye!


P.S. submitted a comment to your iPhone entry (#1821)-- appears to be counted but not posted (no big deal, I would have left anyways) D.

EVEN MORE: Twitter (aside) (iPhone; iPad etc.) Dan Gillmor praises Zittrain, apparently without noticing the contradiction ( any opinions? 2 minutes ago via web

MORE: not sure if I did something wrong when trying to post it... will see..

...apparently without noticing the contradiction



re: "The iPhone, locked down from the beginning, started Apple down a road I cannot support"

and... neither do you have one as your own cellphone... good! I can believe that what you are saying is what you actually believe.. which is the 1st step in being taken seriously -- not the case with Jonathan Zittrain who uses an iPhone *himself* but would have us all believe... *we* shouldn't!


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