Thursday, April 8, 2010

(aside) zittrain's doom & gloom technique still working for him...

EVEN MORE: (aside) (comic) "We should focus on preserving our freedoms" but NOT by stopping to use these offending devices, just by whining about them! less than 20 seconds ago via web

MORE: I was going to leave a comment for Nick Carr but he makes people register to do that... nope! I'm not going to do that -- unnecessary hassle given that commenters are basically doing a favor by going to the trouble of posting comments....

will see if he gets it by twitter

(aside) @roughtype (Nick carr) @zittrain's (Jonathan Zittrain) doom & gloom technique still working for him... ( ~Delia half a minute ago via web


zittrain's "the sky is falling" arguments re: everything "i" (iPhone, iPad etc.) would be much easier to take seriously if it did not appear that he doesn't really buy his own arguments (e.g. by his own acknowledgment, uses an iPhone himself).


p.s. seems to continue Lessig's doom & gloom technique, mostly for attention grabbing purposes... D.

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