Monday, December 7, 2009

craigslist: the ebay deal -- finally the truth gets out! (it only took a monster lawsuit)


MORE: twitter: # craigslist: the ebay 16 million deal! valleywag had the right figure Jim Buckmaster finally talks -- 'cause he *has to* 4 minutes ago from web

and to think that Valleywag got the number right! 16 million...

"Buckmaster said eBay paid $16 million, which included the rights-of-first-refusal over any sale of Buckmaster's and Newmark's shares and veto rights over mergers and acquisitions."
(2nd part of 2nd paragraph from bottom)

Craig got a house probably worth in the millions that summer... aka "the shack"! *lol*


P.S. more recent post by Valleywag D.

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