Friday, March 13, 2009

(more) mindless PR

MORE: @jake_buehler venom? I didn't write the craig$list article, Jake; what can I say... keep believing the fairy tale if it makes you happy!:).

entire Twitter conversation with Jake -- just click on the "show conversation" button (starting to see the value of Twitter... D.)

EVEN MORE: @jake_buehler just an observer, Jack... here's a good hint if you are serious about this: (craig$list) take care! Delia

MORE: @JeffElder that's like thinking Santa Claus is a good guy 'cause kids like him -- it's all fiction and you guys eat it all up... pretty sad

STILL MORE: @jake_buehler well, tell Doug I said he needs to do a lot more thinking re: craigslist...(otherwise, he comes across as... not too bright:)

EVEN MORE: @tsmyther Hi, Smythe! no offense but I'm wondering if you still believe in Santa Claus (the craigslist fairy tale is very similar) Delia
MORE: there was a twit at one point where a guy was unabashedly asking Craig is he was interested in doing an interview / PR -- in those words --and, wouldn't you know it, Craig jumped at it... shouldn't these people get paid? (looks like there are plenty of profits to go around) D.
Twitter: @jake_buehler did you guys get paid for the PR provided? (craig is all but reading off a script with little interruption) D.

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