Friday, February 6, 2009

hmmm... how do I get Michael Halligan to continue this blog?

MORE: very good, Michael... *very* good!:) D.

@craignewmark in your rush to increase job posting revenue, have you asked the community if your features make their lives easier?
@craignewmark for apartment listings you're the only and worst game in town. It must feel good to be a monopoly
@craignewmark My facts are that craigslist has been a nightmare experience for apartment hunting since I first used you in 2000.
@craignewmark Like Microsoft, you maintain market dominance by riding on first-mover luck and massive numbers.

@craignewmark release an open API if you actually care so much about the community. Otherwise you just pay lipservice.

@craignewmark You've become such a sad corporate shill hiding under the pretense of community. Craigslist Ueber Alles.

As I suffer through house-hunting in San Franciso on Craigslist, I can't help but feel like I'm doing business with TicketMaster... Deja Vu?
@craignewmark I'm curious, when you've trained your users to expect inferiority, what's left besides expanding your markets?

Craigslist is "Free" The 30+ hours I've spent there in the three weeks while looking for apartment feels rather expensive for "Free"

@artistatlarge Craigslist is like US foreign policy. We're suffering for the mistakes of older generations :(

@artistatlarge that's a problem with the masses in general. My concern is older generations profit off of bad decisions and we hold the bag

@artistatlarge craigslist now has a monopoly on classifieds in many markets, yet their core functionality has not hanged in a decade

@artstatlarge the only changes are their half-assed account system, annoyingly unreadable captchas, and 200+ new market template

@artistatlarge but we take it because @craignewmark spews out the word "community" like a tourettes patient says, "fuck".
@artistatlarge Craigslist's value is it's mass, not it's functionality. We'd be better off if CL died and it's monopoly were broken.
@artistatlarge like I said .. 1998 called up Craigslist and asked for it's obsolete interface and broken search techniques back.


P.S. this is by far the best explanation of what's wrong with craigslist out there -- it's running circles around New York Times journalists etc. and doesn't fall in any of the traps (if you don't know the traps by now just read Craig's "answers" to Michael's posts); brilliant job, Michael! thanks!:) D.

this Twitter exchange is priceless:

  1. @craignewmark Every time I have to look for housing, I dislike you a little bit more. 1998 called and they want their bad UI design back.
  2. @mhalligan Perhaps you can suggest an improvement? I'd appreciate that. First, can you point me to something you've done?
  3. @craignewmark .. I've been suggesting the same improvements for 8 years. Being first to market makes you lucky, not right.
  4. @craignewmark Since you monopolize the country's classified's data, how about an API. Give us a chance to make up for your stagnation.

P.S. I've thought of joining Twitter just to pat Michael on the shoulder (he deserves it!) but... I'm afraid I'd get sucked into the Twitter world and end-up spending more not less time on this... D.

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