Tuesday, February 10, 2009

articles are still disappointing but comments are getting *much* better...


Peter (10th comment),

I'd be interested in more details (basically, documenting what you said in you comment). Feel free to email. Thanks!

Delia (d p e r i o d @ c o m c a s t . n e t),
without the spaces, of course

MORE: and a note for Lidjia, the author of the article:

Lidija,(9th comment)

Here is someone's actual experience with craigslist -- great reading on the topic that would have probably made this article much more balanced. Take care!



Peter (3rd comment) :

The secret to Craig's community-building exercise was the following: in the late 90's he realized nobody would be too excited to help promote a service by a corporation. So he registered 2 companies - one non-profit and the other one for-profit.

When he expanded out of his SF base - specifically to NYC, he approached a variety of local groups and organization through his non-profit arm, selling the idea of a community web site and ask for their support in promoting it. He did not say anything about the other entity. When the traffic started flowing, a couple of years later, the "other" craigslist stepped in a cashed in.

This was brilliant but just a little sinister. Craig is a shrewd businessman, but please spare the b.s. about community-building principles. His top principle was "bait and switch".

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