Monday, February 16, 2009

comic relief clean-up: ...going, going...

March 6th UPDATE: I went ahead an asked Blogger to review it -- hopefully they don't get any funny ideas (if the do, I have those pages saved so if anybody wants to see them just email and ask for it); it would be nice to keep that blog so I could continue to move posts there (such as this one...) D.

EVEN MORE: what's wrong with Bogger? you can't move posts without being suspected of spamming? this is ridiculous... anyways, I got 20 days to figure out what I want to do... D.

MORE: some posts that are not strictly comic relief but are a bit too far removed will also get the axe so if you are looking for things that may be tangentially relevant just look there D.
... it's going to take a while until it will be all gone but I'm working on it; there may or may not be more of that added to my craigslist criticism comic relief blog (seems like a good idea to segregate those posts, wish I thought about it earlier) D.

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