Sunday, February 10, 2008

people are waking up!

great post by Dan Gillmor:

"If you are generous enough to do this kind of work for free, please consider doing instead it for a nonprofit site of some sort. Please don’t be giving away your time to mega-wealthy media barons." (last paragraph)

(he is not naming names but... we all know them...)


P.S. also a great comment on Seth's blog (5th comment):

Joe Beaudoin Jr.: "Frankly, I find that reprehensible. I can understand people donating their time to a non-profit organization like Wikipedia.... fine. But when people up at the top are rolling in the dough on unpaid labor?

Since Wikia is a for-profit organization, it stands to reason that their workers (contributors, admins, and the like) are all "off-the-clock", unpaid labor... Frankly, were it any other company, such acts would be illegal and the Department of Labor would be on them like vultures on a rotting carcass."

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