Thursday, November 8, 2007

(prostitution) "craigslist is working with the police to get the bad guys" -- says *who*?

MORE: corrected the mistake...

ERRATA! ok, ok... I tried to clarify it and ended up introducing error... sorry!: it WASN'T the police that was ignored (at least not as far as we know) but the reporters who needed more detailed information from Craig&Co... (and that's consitently the case) ; you'd think giving info needed to clarify serious issues with the site would take precendence over shooting the breeze as far as Craig's email time was concerned...

hints as far as the reaction of police to the way craigslist handles such situations are much more subtle and understandably so... e.g. "Craigslist says that its 24 staff members cannot possibly flag all objectionable ads, but that hasn't stopped law enforcement officials from accusing them of enabling prostitution".[my emphasis] (Prostitution 2.0 through craigslist, downloadsquad, begining of last paragraph)

--> why would police say that? they may well have good reasons based on their experince with craigslist in such situations

and anyways, why does craigslist continue to be severely understaffed? the resources are certainly there... they have been for a long long time... so are they not enabling the horrible things that keep happening on the site by willingly handicapping their ability to adequately address such problems? ... and what of all that moral compass and philanthropic mindset they claim to have? -- what a sad joke! D.
Craig, of course... and journalists keep repeating that without checking with the police... as to craigslist's help in terms of providing needed info in such situation, just look at a good number of these cases -- there is usually no response from craigslist ("We tried to contact officials with Craigslist, but none of our phone calls or emails were returned"; last paragraph)


P.S. You'd think Craig should have no difficulty answering these emails since he seems to be answering any random person emailing for any reason whatsoever... (it's good he's answering them! it's definitely made him popular -- P.S. to response to Diane -- but that makes ignoring serious issues even more of problem...) D.

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