Friday, November 9, 2007

How did Google do it?

EVEN MORE: we'll see if Seth comes up with something... (3rd comment)

MORE: thanks for the comment, Seth! sorry for the delay... I didn't expect you to answer here but this is good!

here's the page

here's my comment

here's my thank-you-note-to-Google when I noticed the change (it may have happened earlier)

that page is still the third Google hit for "craigslist criticism"

that page is still at the bottom of the fist page of yahoo hits for "craigslist criticism" (well... worse than that, it's currently only the second hit on the second page of top hits -- it actually went down)

Thanks, Seth!


let's see if Seth has an idea... D.


here's another one for you:

-- there was a page -- not mine -- that I thought should have a higher rank than it did (it was barely on the bottom of the first page of results)

-- I *said so* on my blog...

-- a couple of days later, I noticed that the rank for that result increased significantly (got to third) and continues to stay the same

-- I just checked and "craigslist criticism" is NOT on Google's Open Directory (the article you linked to said that was the "human component" to Google search)

-- other search engines, such as yahoo and altavista kept the old (flawed, as far as I see it) order


P.S. I don't really NEED to know how it all happened but it would be interesting... if you have an idea. I just thought it was *way* cool!:) and made me love Google web search even more... D.

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Seth Finkelstein said...

Which page? Email me if you want.
And what post did you say that? (i.e. the keywords used in the link)