Friday, February 5, 2010

(living on craigslist guy) not one of the dummies:)

UPDATE: looks like Jayson changed his mind and posted my comment -- good:) D.

MORE: surprise, surprise... Jayson didn't publish my post; why could that be? is he hoping for direct help with his project from Craig&co? quite possibly...his project (book, movie, whatever he's hoping for) would probably turn out to be much less candid (and truthful, I fear) if he is after getting such endorsement but it *would* give it a serious boost from the POV of marketability, etc. like it happened for "24 hours on craigslist" (which did have Craig in it, briefly...)


P.S. oh well... hopefully he got the hint that his estimate of revenue could be better and what is one way to improve it D.

Hi, Jayson


I'm pleasantly surprised that you didn't just fall head over hills in love with craigslist and became fanatical (*literally*) about it and its owners, like way too many journalists have done before you.

If you want to know more about the profits thing, you may want to try your luck with Peter Zollman of the AIM Group -- he may well give you a freebee copy of his report on this (hint: tell him your story and that you have *journalistic* training; may help or hurt to tell him I sent you to him -- I'm not sure:).


P.S. good luck with everything and take care! D.

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