Monday, January 25, 2010

(craigslist ownership) has Craig Newmark sold all his shares in craigslist?

MORE: @zennie62 if you truly believe [Craig Newmark] "is no longer the owner" of craigslist, you are little more than his lousy stenographer -bye! about 23 hours ago from web

was meant as a reply to this

STILL MORE: @elretrovisor right! they haven't figured out how to pocket 80% of the profits and hide that from people (see the ebay v. craigslist suit) 27 minutes ago from web in reply to elretrovisor

EVEN MORE: @zennie62 Zennie, it's kind of late in the game to continue to be duped by Craig... ~Delia ( about 7 hours ago from web in reply to zennie62

MORE: Twitter: (craigslist ownership) has Craig Newmark sold all his craigslist shares or is this just his regular ambiguousBS? ~Delia about 8 hours ago from web

... or is this just his regular ambiguous BS?

"is no longer the owner" (2nd paragraph, end of 2nd to last sentence)

looks like Zennie 62 was very likely duped into thinking that by Craig's seemingly intentional ambiguity and failure to clarify -- I would have expected people to wisen up after the ebay v. craigslist suit exposed plenty of Craig Newmark's secrets but looks like nothing much has changed...


P.S. very likely, Craig is just not the *sole* owner (as in not *the* owner) of craigslist (as, on paper, he has not been in a very long time) but he continues to hold the most shares as the ebay v. craigslist law suit made fairly clear. D.

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