Saturday, October 4, 2008

Craig's own press: the never ending stream of naive reporters...

EVEN MORE: comic relief: (2nd comment; #comment-133645293) "*definitely*,much too "kind"... suppose she would have pointed out what would "net neutrality" mean for you/craigslist *financially* :)... (just to put things in perspective for the readers like competent reporters do...) D.

MORE: sure enough... and he does a lot more than just hope -- he uses his tech-advisor-to-the Obama-campaign position to spin things in his favor (how is it possible to just print what he says without mentioning that Craig/craigslist would financially benefit from this?) and then he gets away with having the press print his diatribe on corrupt lobbyists (6th paragraph) when he appears to do the same thing himself: claims grass root support without disclosing that he/craigslist has a big financial interest in the issue... D.

Kim Heart: (2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence) "[Craig] admits he has 'nothing to gain' from helping get Obama elected." --> well... there is a whole story behind that... Craig's choice of candidates appears to have been heavily influenced by the fact that Obama was the one candidate who said he was going to be for "network neutrality," which would greatly favor Craig/craigslist...financially... now, when it came down to voting, Obama didn't carry through... so it may be that it is true that Craig is not going to get anything out of it... but he must at least hope he can turn it around... D.

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