Wednesday, September 5, 2007

(prostitution) craigslist "helping out"...

MORE: College Call Girl, The Price (4th paragraph) : "I want to be very clear that I recommend this lifestyle for no one. It is easy enough to cross the line because the line is invisible. Much harder still to go back, to return to a time when you shared no piece of yourself with strange men, men you don’t like, even men who don’t like you. I detached myself completely from the work I was doing and felt that I was getting off scot-free with minimal psychological impact. I was having fun at first; I felt beautiful and confident and adored and I was financially secure for the first time ever. But those nights found their way underneath my skin. They just burrowed down deep under the folds of my subconscious like a rat nestled at the bottom of a shopping bag."
Jossip: "Would you have gotten into prostitution without Craigslist?"
College Call Girl: No chance
(2nd question)

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