Wednesday, July 11, 2007

craigslist up to no good...

there are probably plenty of people who never really bought craigslist's spiel (good news!) ... they just found it difficult to say it given how much nonsense was circulating (and it still is... is just that once some visible people start talking -- such as Andrew Clark -- ... it's easier for others to come out and say what were they really thinking...)

re: Dan Blacharski: "Nonetheless, whenever a company, in this case Craigslist, claims to have any sort of "for the common good" ethos, and further claims not to care about profits, I have to wonder what they're up to. It's like whenever anybody precedes a business deal discussion by telling me what a good Christian they are. Whenever I hear that, it usually means they're up to no good. And so, I've never really bought into the whole Craigslist ideal."


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