Wednesday, October 21, 2009

charging for adult/erotic ads -- the details

UPDATE: after a very long confusion as to what was Jim really up to, he has removed my post (the comment number is still on the bottom and it does link to the entry); what a wimp... (but what's new?) D.


STILL MORE well... Jim is either asleep or purposely leaving my comment in "moderation" -- will have to move on; I think what's important to understand here is that we just don't know the actual facts; craigslist could easily clarify them but apparently just doesn't want to...

EVEN MORE: my comment on the craigslist blog is still "awaiting moderation"(that's the message I get when I access it): a bit confused since 3 more comments have been posted after mine, so did Jim read my comment or not yet? will give him the benefit of the doubt, hopefully it's going to get clarified soon... D.

MORE: Twitter: craigslist charging for adult/erotic ads -- the details! if anybody *knows* what's going on, please help! ~Delia ( minutes ago from web
ok, lets ask this as nicely as possible and see if Jim clarifies it...

Jim, (

Could you please clarify something for me?

When did craigslist *start* charging for "erotic/adult ads" (talks of it hit the news in November 2008 but when was the actual starting date? -- although I have not been able to find the exact date anywhere, there seemed to be a strong inference that it was at some point *after* the beginning of 2009; yet the info in the judgment appears to contradict this); also, in what locations does craigslist currently charge for "adult ads" and/or "erotic ads" and why is there a difference between the fees charged -- $5 versus $10? (surprising info given in the judgment) and did the list of such locations increase since the initial charging? (it would appear so)



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