Friday, September 11, 2009

Did CATW misrepresent the AIM group's findings about craigslist revenue from adult/erotic services?

MORE (Peter Zollman's hint to Anonymous and reasons why the AIM group's estimate is conservative)

EVEN MORE: Twitter: @ptrueman Patrick, I'm wondering if you can help -- Gary Wolf of Wired says
CATW was wrong in the amicus brief ( D.1 minute ago from web in reply to ptrueman

STILL MORE: got an anonymous post -- take it with a grain of salt; thanks, anonymous!

The AIM Report estimates that erotic earns $2,550,000, a month, and adult similarly earns $2,550,000 per month. That this will amount to over 60 million a year, not taking into account the explosion in the number of ads in cities all over the map, means that it is a fair estimate.

Posted by Anonymous to craigslist criticism at September 15, 2009 8:29 AM

EVEN MORE: now *that* didn't work... I mean I got an answer last Friday --sorry about the delay --(thanks if anybody helped out with that) but no useful info; just to clarify for everybody I derive no profit from my online presence, so I do not intend to spend money on gathering info nor do I advise anybody who is just curious about craigslist to do it...D.

MORE: Twitter: Did CATW misrepresent AIM group's findings about craigslist revenue from
adult/erotic services? --please help! ( ~Delia 2 minutes ago from web

If so, I will not use them as sources in the future; it was brought to my attention by Gary Wolf (part of his first comment, well, actually second comment but 1st published within my prior entry on this blog) although I took his giving 120 million as craigslist revenue (60 mill times two) when Peter Zollman's article was talking about craigslist hitting 100 mill in revenue as a red flag that Gary may have been mistaken himself in some way.

To clarify things, I tried to contact Peter Zollman directly but so far no luck.

Here's what my request was:


I'm hoping you could clarify something for me. Did CATW misrepresent your findings about craigslist revenue from erotic/adult services in their amicus brief? Or were they correct?

re: "Projected over a year, it is fair to estimate that craigslist's global profits from its adult/erotic services ads will constitute over half of its overall profits"

(end of 29th page of the brief)

Thank you!


if anybody can help out and bring this to his attention I'd appreciate it D.

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