Monday, January 5, 2009

whatever happened with the ebay v. craigslist lawsuit?

I was really waiting for the resolution to that (I thought it would be a pretty good place to end this blog) -- I've been pretty much marching in place waiting for that, posting much less ... I do believe it will clarify a lot things about craigslist, if the public *does* get to watch it.

But we should have heard about it by now -- it was supposed to go to court in September (way back). So what happen? Was it settled out of court so craigslist's secrets remain sealed? That would be very telling...

Why is craigslist hiding crucial things from the public? And more importantly, why isn't the media pointing out the fundamental contradiction between craigslist's public image and its lack of transparency?


P.S. Anyways, I feel like my work here is done -- I mean, there is enough here so if somebody finds this blog even years from now it shouldn't be very difficult to just do the research and bring it up to date. I hope somebody does it... and please let me know if you do! (I'd definitely read it and tell you what I think if you'd like that!)

If you find the "comic relief" entries irrelevant (most of them are :), I just needed a laugh maybe a bit more often than I should have had, you can easily easily filter it out...

OK... this is D. signing off -- another closed blog of mine... (please don't submit any more comments, just email me if and when you'd like to pick up where I left off -- thanks!)

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