Monday, December 15, 2008

(more) non-sense from Craig: helping out those who are out to make a profit...

MORE: sorry about the delay (was away fro the day)

re: "Maybe you meant to write "not-for-profit", since says they are a nonprofit?"

I'm assuming you are referring to my quote -- that was a direct quote from "A Craigslist for service" -- the link Craig provided (numeral one under what should be the forth paragraph).

If you are saying that Craig may have made a mistake and meant not-for-profit, I doubt that, for a number of reasons:

#1. craigslist is itself a *for profit* (although by using the designation -- abusively in my opinion -- makes it very difficult for plenty of people that are providing free labor in the form of flagging etc. to realize this)

#2., while itself a non-profit, gives the option of volunteering for *corporations* (which are *for profit*) --> I believe this should not be allowed under the non-profit set-up (the non-profit is basically forgoing making a profit from the free labor *themselves* but passing that profit to *the corporations* it intermediates for) and if it is not clearly spelled out at the moment, I hope the IRS is going to spell it out...


re: "If you have the time and inclination to get out, you might volunteer for an existing service organization, probably a recognized *for-profit*." [my emphasis]

then again, if you have the brains and the inclination to think... you might donate your time to those who actually *need* the help... (as opposed to those who are out to make a profit, the *for-profits*, and would be thrilled to have your free labor...)


P.S. not at all surprised to hear this sort of non-sense from you... (it's just hard to believe that people still fall for it) D.


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