Thursday, June 12, 2008

let's see what Dennis thinks...

well.... Dennis Little appears to think very little :) -- I' m assuming he read my comment and declined to post it (I've been using Linux as of late and sometimes there is a problem with the pop-up widows -- oops! windows! sticky letter "n"-- such as those that appear when you post comments)

re: "While everyone tries to figure out what makes Craigslist so successful, the answer lies in Craig Newmark's guiding principle: Give the customer what they want. Time and again, Newmark cites this secret to success in his interviews and his business has an astoundingly effective feedback loop with customers."

Hi Dennis!

How do you figure this works-out in practice? I mean... to have effective feedback you have to
have enough people working customer service, no? Craigslist has been severely understaffed and getting more so by the day (when you look at the number of customer service employees and the number of customers supposedly served), as far as I can tell... just seems that is couldn't possibly work-out, that it's just BS and gullible reporters...


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