Saturday, January 26, 2008

ooh, Donna... (still eating up the BS)

MORE: and what's with the adulatory tone? after all this time... (embarassing, especially for somebody with a journalistic background) D.

again, she's getting some good info(such as the fact that Ebay had "no voice" in craigslist's decision to "sponsor" Berkeley; answer to first question) but she is barely mentioning real issues such as craigslist being the "incorporated for profit dot-org" that's "doing well" and even then you have to read between the lines... (just how "well" is craigslist doing and for how long and how do they keep "saving" all that dough that keeps ending up in their pockets? and what's the impact of all that on the community that built craigslist and continues to make it work?)


you can do MUCH better than that Donna! you might not be able to get Craig&Jim to talk to you if you told it like it is but at least you'd get peoples' respect... D.

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